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Hammond Hill State Forest (courtesy COE)

The parking lot is at the top of the hill, on the right, just before a significant downhill. Here on finds miles of jeep roads and trails. There are typically DEC trail brochures available at the trail register (across the road). Trails are well-marked by color-coded plastic trail markers, and correspond very well to the trail maps. See DEC brochure for more details.

Shindagin Hollow State Forest

Travel about 1/4 mile up Braley Hill Rd. A cornucopia of trails stem off this road, in both directions, offering challenges for every level of rider.

Road Cycling Routes

Looking for climbs
A hillier route with four climbs that locals frequent often. Not long climbs but steep.


39.20 mi.
3192.00 ft.
Ithaca to King Ferry
A trip with a doozy of a climb. Roads have decent shoulders but traffic might be heavy for some.


45.90 mi.
2580.00 ft.
Cayuga Lake
A ride around Cayuga lake starting and ending in Ithaca. Can easily be stretched to 100 miles.


86.70 mi.
3490.00 ft.
Newark Valley-Maine
Lengthy ride with decent climbs.


71.70 mi.
4511.00 ft.
Ellis Hollow Flat
A flat, quick ride close to Cornell. Large portions are shaded and have relatively low traffic.


14.80 mi.
827.00 ft.
Coddington & Midline
A longer loop with many of the favorite roads of local cyclists


31.20 mi.
3046.00 ft.
Irish Settlement
A loop with a solid climb and a half with some fun descents


27.50 mi.
1896.00 ft.
Mt Pleasant
A short ride not far from Cornell with a decent climb.


15.00 mi.
1514.00 ft.